ICBEAUTYNU is non-profit beauty brand that was founded with a mission to recognize, embrace, encourage, and celebrate the inward beauty of all women. The beauty brand was established in 2004 by professional makeup artist, Daursia Tessier, and is developed on the core principles of divine love; and therefore communicates to all woman that their beauty is solely defined and manifested by the creation of God.

Pronounced exactly to how it sounds, ICBEAUTYNU stands for "I See Beauty In You", recognizing every woman's unfading beauty as a gentle and quiet spirit -- based on their heart, their character, their integrity, their strength, courage, and so much more.  It's a reminder and a celebration that the beauty of a woman was made in the image and likeness of God, and not defined by the unfortunate circumstances or conditions that have taken place throughout their lives. 

At ICBEAUTYNU, our philosophies include divine ministry through spiritual healing and self empowerment, while also providing secondary beauty services for any woman's special day, including complete makeovers, hairstyling, certified skin care services, and much more.

Our category touch-points for providing outreach and service include:

  • Women that have been affected, or still being affected by Cancer or any other life-threatening disease
  • Women that are going through any type of abuse, including domestic violence
  • Woman that are living in poverty or homelessness
  • Women that are disabled, elderly or handicapped

Our service model includes global partnerships with many non-profit organizations, however, if you would like to nominate an organization, or donate to the cause, simply click on the tabs listed below.  For more information, please contact us directly at  [email protected].

Click on the links below to either nominate an organization, or to donate to the ICBNU cause.  All collected proceeds are distributed to the 501c3 organizations that we partner with.
Because of your ongoing nominations and donations, we are able to travel the world and provide beauty makeovers, along with divine ministry services to many women that are suffering from life threatening diseases, domestic violence, poverty, and so much more.